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Data Center Painting in Phoenix East Valley

Data centers and call centers in Phoenix East Valley seek us out so often we decided they deserve their own page of information about our commercial painting services. Since 2006, Triple Seven Quality Commercial Painting has offered commercial painting services for data centers and other office spaces in Phoenix East Valley and surrounding areas that always surpass our customers’ expectations, so we have developed a trusted reputation in this industry.

Data Centers love us because: We Do Painting Right

Our painting company combines a lot of qualities that the owners of these data centers prefer when seeking a painting company in Phoenix East Valley that can cater to their needs. Some of these qualities include:

  • Developing a work plan that allows minimum disruption to the occupied center, so you don’t have to pause operations and lose any revenue.
  • Using Zero VOC Paint to minimize odor and air pollution, so employees can stay focused and avoid respiratory issues.
  • Using high quality paint that is never watered down and is always delivered to the job site in unopened cans, so you don’t have to worry about repainting more often than needed.
  • Always using the number of recoats recommended by the manufacturer after a minimum of two coats for any color change, so you will get the color you actually chose.
  • Assisting with color design and selection, using color theory for productivity and alertness, or catering to your company’s brand colors.
  • All of our painters are background-checked staff on our payroll, providing the reliability and safety not offered by painting companies in Phoenix East Valley who hire contractors.
  • Our painting company also does not ask for any money in advance, whereas most others will insist on a 50% deposit before starting any work.
  • We are a licensed and bonded company, and all of our painters are covered by workman’s compensation insurance.
  • Each of our professional painters will work efficiently and quiet as a church mouse so as not to disrupt any data center workers on the clock.


Above all, our painters are careful and complete in our preparation for any data center paint job in Phoenix East Valley. We are organized, tidy, punctual, and will leave the work site clean and orderly after a full day’s work. Preparation is the driving force behind the quality of our work, and you won’t have to pay a penny until we are done and you are satisfied with the finished paint job. Call us at (480) 290-7040 for your FREE ESTIMATE!